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As avid gamers and investors within the blockchain space, we took our passion for gaming and have looked for a way to bridge traditional mobile gaming and Web3 technology. We believe the two will work symbiotically moving forward, as mainstream adoption continues.

At Matrix Studios, we will look to publish and develop a series of mobile games and a selection of PC titles. We believe in working backwards, beginning with the quality of gameplay and ending with the Web3 integration. The tokenisation of each game will be an accompanying aspect of our ecosystem, as we believe this will drive mass adoption from traditional Web2 gamers.

Press Release

St Kilda Welcomes to Matrix Studios

Matrix Studios becomes the first blockchain game company to make their way into the AFL system. The Australian Football League is an Australian national sport and is the fourth largest attended sport in the world! MTX are an Official Partner and Elite Sponsor of the St. Kilda Football Club for the 2022 Toyota AFL Premiership Season.

We are here to answer your questions

Here are some of the most common questions we are asked:

Why MTX?

We are a registered Australian company and KYC verified. At Matrix Studios, transparency and communication are absolute integral parts of the company dynamics. As a long-term continuous goal, we aim to partner with multiple corporate entities including independent game developers as well as mainstream business. These partnerships will form a symbiotic, mutually beneficial, relationship with the Matrix Studios ecosystem. In turn, our community of MTX holders will benefit from the growth of these businesses through these mutual partnerships, organically.

Is my investment safe?

As an LCC registered Australian company, the project has surpassed multiple audits. These audits were not only conducted at a project level but also at a smart contract level, to ensure maximum confidence in the project from potential investors. At Matrix Studios we believe safety, trust and transparency are key in any long-term project.

What are the tokenomics?

The tokenomics of MTX include a 1 quadrillion total supply, with approximately 390 trillion in circulation. There is currently a 12% tax on all buys, sells and transfers. This tax can be broken down into a 4% redistribution into the marketing wallet, 3% into the partnership wallet, 3% into the liquidity pool and 2% reflections back to the MTX holders. As 60% of the total supply was burned at launch, 2% of every transaction will be sent to the dead wallet as a deflationary reflection.

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