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The PLAY pass will be available to purchase at tiered levels. The tiered levels will give PLAY NFT holders varying levels of access to the Matrix Ecosystem, discounted game purchases, higher APY $PLAY token returns through staking, online shop discounts and exclusive access to ticketed Matrix events. The pass will only be purchasable via $PLAY token.
The underlying economy of the PLAY platform ecosystem will be transacted by $PLAY token only. Payment methods will be offered via credit card providers which will indirectly purchase the NFT through $PLAY token, thus welcoming traditional gamers with no real experience in Web3. For those better versed in Web3, the user will be able to stake these tokens to earn passively.
A core focus for Matrix Studios is to support and foster the growth of indie game developers from Australia, New Zealand and the globe. Our goal is to set the standard when it comes to offering a platform for indie developers to showcase their games and support our fellow developers. We are launching PLAY platform for game lovers around the world to play some of the best games indie developers have to offer. This will be a way for traditional Web2 gamers to be exposed to the world of Web3, without compromising the quality of games made available.
At Matrix Studios a pillar of our business is based around the partnerships that we make. We would love to hear your ideas and have you part of our community! Please follow the contact form below and we will be sure to get back in touch with you as soon as possible.
“We may be gamers, but we’re also social creatures. So why not contact us?”

company address

Matrix Studios, Suite 2, 316 Wakefield St, Adelaide 5000, South Australia.