We are bringing 90’s retro back with this classic 16-bit pixel art beat-em-up.

Animatrix Kill Kount is a survival game where you play as Lone Wolf, who must battle wave after wave of mutant rogue rats to power up and collect rewards as you increase your Kill Kount.​

As each enemy wave is defeated, the following wave increases in difficulty (increase in agent numbers, speed, intensity and weaponry). You only have one health bar to score as many kills as possible to work your way up the Kill-O-Meter.


An unseen, God-like being is abducting aliens from all over the galaxy to participate in gladiatorial-like games for their own sick enjoyment.
Choose your character and enter the arena with two fellow team members. There is a nuclear bomb setup in the centre of the arena with a set time limit. You must find coins within the arena and carry them back to your team camp. Five coins are required to power up the team portal and safely evacuate yourself and your team members. You must also stop the opposing team from collecting their coins using a myriad of weapons and attacks.

Players must form strategies to best collect their coins, defend their players running back to base as well as go on the attack to foil their opponent’s plan.