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MTX is our native token within the Matrix Studios Ecosystem.

Wallet Address

This tutorial is designed for beginners who have never purchased BNB or BSC tokens before. Follow the instructions further down this page to purchase MTX Tokens on PancakeSwap. If you already have a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) wallet with enough BNB in it, feel free to skip to Step 5.

If you’ve read through these instructions and run into any issues, feel free to ask for help in our Telegram or Discord.


In order to hold your MTX Tokens and the BNB you’ll use to purchase them, you’ll need a wallet that is compatible with Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We suggest using either TrustWallet or MetaMask.
Trust Wallet


Trust Wallet

Step 1

To get the latest Trust Wallet App go to the app store on your mobile device and download Trust Wallet (Andriod and iOS).

Step 2

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, open Trust Wallet and tap on “Create a new wallet”. In the next step you will receive your 12 word recovery phrase, which acts as a backup for you funds.

IMPORTANT: There is no way to change or recover your 12 word phrase if it’s lost or forgotten. If you lose your recovery phrase you will lose your funds with it. Trust Wallet is completely different from traditional bank accounts. You are the true owner of your “Money”, Trust Wallet can never access your coins. It is technically not possible for Trust Wallet to recover wallets since they do not have access to your recovery phrase (only your 12 word recovery phrase can be used to restore access to your wallet).

Step 3

Before you finish the step of creating the wallet, verify that you wrote down the 12 word phrase in the correct order. And that’s it, you are done! Your newly created multi-coin wallet is now ready to buy and handle cryptocurrencies for over 30+ Blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, XRP and many more.

Once you’ve set up your wallet, it’s time to enable the MTX token.
Follow the instructions below to make the MTX token visible in your wallet.



(Harder to set up, but works on all devices)

MetaMask can be downloaded on Chrome and Firefox, or on iOS and Android if you’re a mobile user.

Step 1

Head over to the MetaMask

Step 2

Select whichever platform you’re using, and follow the steps to install it on your device.

Step 3

IMPORTANT: There is no way to change or recover your seed phrase if it’s lost or forgotten. Without this phrase, your funds can’t be recovered if your device is damaged or lost. Before you finish the step of creating the wallet, verify that you wrote down the phrase in the correct order. And that’s it, you are done! You should now see your wallet, ready to send and receive funds.

Once you’ve set up your wallet, it’s time to enable the MTX token.
Follow the instructions below to make the MTX token visible in your wallet.

MTX Contract Address:


Token Symbol:


Token Decimals/Precision:


2. Purchase Binance Smart Chain BNB

Binance Smart Chain (BNB) is the coin used to purchase MTX. If you don’t already have BNB, you will need to purchase some through a centralized exchange (CEX) such as Binance or These CEXs require you to create an account and verify your identity before allowing you to make purchases. Once you’ve created an account and have completed the identity verification, purchase Binance Smart Chain BNB using the instructions below.

3. send bnb to your wallet

Once you’ve successfully purchased some BNB, it’s time to send it to your wallet. In order to do that, you’ll need to first grab your Binance Smart Chain (BSC) receiving address from your wallet. Follow the instructions below to copy your Smart Chain wallet address.


Once you have the address copied, head over to the Binance app and follow the instructions below to send BNB from Binance to your wallet.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your wallet address is correct before sending.
There is no undo button.

How to send BNB from Binance to your wallet

If you did everything correctly, the BNB should show up in your wallet within 15 – 180 seconds.

4. connect to pancake swap

Click here to go to the MTX Pancake Swap page.

Once you’re there, click the “Connect Wallet” button in the top right of the page and follow the prompt to connect your Binance Smart Chain wallet.

how to connect your wallet to pancake swap

5. setup transaction and purchase mtx

Make sure the top token is BNB (Smart Chain) and the bottom token is MTX (Matrix Protocol).
Next, enter in the amount of BNB you would like to trade for MTX.

IMPORTANT: Do not trade all of your BNB at once. You must leave some extra BNB in your wallet to cover gas fees.

Now, click the gear icon on the swap panel to pull up the settings.
● Set your “Default Transaction Speed” to “Fast (6)”.
● Then set your “Slippage Tolerance” to 14% or greater and close the settings pane.

Now, make sure everything is correct and click the “Swap” button.
Click “Confirm Swap”. You should be automatically brought to your wallet app where you can confirm the transaction.

how to purchase mtx on pancake swap

If you received an error message, try each of the following:

  • Disconnect and reconnect your wallet.
  • Set your slippage percentage higher.
  • Make sure you have at least $5 of additional BNB in your wallet.
  • Set your Default Transaction Speed (GWEI) to Fast (6).

Congratulations! You successfully purchased MTX.

Thank you for your support. We’re excited for you to join us on our journey to the moon and beyond.

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