the matrix protocol token

Matrix Protocol (MTX) is a Binance Smart Chain token that distributes passive earning to holders and serves as the connective tissue for the MTX ecosystem. The project has gone through multiple audits. It was a priority of ours to surpass all conditions of the audit, in order to retain the trust of investors. We have been successfully audited by:


12% tax on all buys, sells and wallet transfers:

4% to Marketing growth

3% to Partnership growth

3% to Liquidity pool

2% to Reflections for holders

1 quadrillion total supply with 400 trillion in circulation:

  • 600 Trillion Burned


  • 120 Trillion Presale


  • 100 Trillion Private Sale


  • 100 Trillion Token Vesting


  • 80 Trillion Ecosystem




MTX will be used as our game reward currency. Highest scorers will be rewarded with MTX tokens and players will be able to use MTX tokens to purchase in-game unlockables. Eventually, we will incorporate MTX tokens to buy, sell and trade NFTs on our marketplace. Holders will receive reflections, access to the MTX ecosystem and more.



To date, more than 60% of the total supply has been burned. Burns take place both automatically and manually. With regard to the automatic burn, the dead wallet receives reflections in MTX upon each transaction. This feature can be turned on or off depending on the current needs of the token. Manual burns are occasionally initiated during specific periods in order to continue the growth and upward trend of MTX.


Liquidity Pool

The Matrix-BNB liquidity pool becomes more stable/less volatile with every single transaction that occurs due to the 3% that is added with every buy, sell and transfer. Whilst stability with regard to liquidity pools is extremely important, safety is also crucial. The locked MTX liquidity pool is continuously monitored and is therefore one of the most secure pools on the Binance Smart Chain.