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Unleashing creativity through Web3.


Our platform is designed to support independent game developers by providing them with the tools, resources, and a marketplace to showcase and monetise their games.
Our platform is designed to support independent game developers by providing them with the tools, resources, and a marketplace to showcase and monetise their games.

The Matrix Studios gaming platform PLAY is a gamer’s one-stop-shop for everything gaming. It will become the bridge between Web2 (traditional gamer) and Web3 (blockchain) technologies and bring true mainstream adoption of Web3 to the world of gaming. Once launched, $PLAY token will become the currency of the ecosystem and fuel a fiat-to-asset conversion system.



Play Pass is a revolutionary concept designed to connect traditional gamers to the world of Web3. Through this seamless integration of technology, we will see symbiotic adoption and onboarding of all gamers from all formats of the gaming world.


At Matrix Studios, we’ve turned our lifelong gaming passion into something epic! We’re all about blending the best of traditional gaming with cutting-edge blockchain tech. We see them joining forces in perfect harmony as adoption continues. Our mission? To become the ultimate gaming platform that supports indie devs, while seamlessly integrating Web3 without leaving behind our beloved Web2 gamers!


Matrix Studios works with many teams across the globe.

Meet Jack, our CEO and full-stack developer. He’s a passionate tech enthusiast with a soft spot for sci-fi. With his sharp mind and quick wit, Jack is never shy of a bit of ill-timed humour. He has a unique style that’s all his own – effortlessly cool, with just the right amount of edge. As such, he thought it was appropriate to wear his favourite Cookie Monster shirt for the team photo! If you’re searching for someone who’s smart, funny, and not afraid to take risks, look no further than Jack.

Meet Lockie, our Chief Marketing Officer and the man behind some of the most creative campaigns in the industry. With a background in marketing and sponsorship, his connections within the industry have led to some of our biggest partnerships. In 2021, Matrix Studios became the first blockchain gaming company to be affiliated with the AFL and were an Elite Sponsor of an AFL Club as their “Official Cryptocurrency”. Don’t let his professional credentials fool you however, Lockie’s the office goofball. He’s a walking art exhibit with a heart of gold.

Meet Tina, our resident design queen and artistic powerhouse. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, if you’re looking for some artistic inspiration, look no further than our very own creative genius! Our girl is known for her quirky, outside-the-square artwork that always manages to turn heads. And if you’ve got a design that’s anything but ordinary, chances are she’ll be all over it like paint on a canvas. So don’t be afraid to take a leap outside the box with your ideas – our resident art queen will definitely appreciate the unconventional!

Meet James, our financial extraordinaire! James has a sharp eye for detail and a knack for navigating the ins and outs of the financial/Web3 industry. James currently works with multiple investment funds – primarily in technology and the financial markets and is a Senior Financial Advisor here at Matrix Studios. With James onboard with our fundraising and investment decisions, we are in safe and very capable hands!